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After getting engaged and touring venues, Kayleen (co-owner of White  fell in love with the idea of owning a wedding venue that brought people closer to nature and animals. While this started as just a dream, it became a reality in early 2020 during the start of the covid-19 pandemic. To pass the time she decided to learn about homesteading and the ability to be self-sufficient. In doing so, she and her spouse, Justin, started viewing properties, and that’s when they stumbled upon what is now the White Willow Barn. 

From the second they arrived, you could say it was serendipitous, Kayleen had an overwhelming feeling that this was where they were always meant to be. 

White Willow Barn Elbert Colorado LGBTQ

Meet the team



From a Stay at home momma of two to a goal-digging businesswoman. Kayleen is a jack of all trades and her journey of professional experiences is what lead her to White Willow Barn. Kayleen is dedicated to ensuring your dream day is created into your perfect reality, just like her dream of owning the barn was. She is an expert on your special day!

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Kayleen's soulmate and dad to their two littles. Justin stays behind the scenes ensuring all operations at the ranch run smoothly. You may see him now and then around the property, so make sure to say hi when you do!

White Willow Barn Elbert Colorado LGBTQ

What makes White Willow Barn different? 

We may be a little biased, but we genuinely believe we have developed White Willow Barn to be so much more than just another barn venue. We have created a modern rustic space that provides minimally beautiful designs that will complement any style while bringing you closer to nature.

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