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3 Things to do with your spouse on your wedding day

Wedding days can go by in the blink of an eye between the excitement of the day, all the events happening, and all of your guests wanting to give you their congratulations. Taking a few moments on your wedding day for just you and your spouse can be so special!

Here are 3 things we suggest doing with your spouse on your wedding

1. Have a first touch before the ceremony

While everyone knows about a first look, there is a new trend appearing and that is a first touch. For those who don’t want to see each other before their ceremony but want to still have a special moment, a first touch is a great way to be in the moment together without seeing each other. Take a few minutes to hold each other’s hands and soak in what a special day it is.

2. Take a moment just the two of you after your ceremony

Before rushing off to photos or hugging all of your loved ones plan ahead of time and communicate to your vendors that you would like a special moment for just the two of you after saying I Do. As you walk back down the aisle as a married couple having a designated spot that is secluded already picked out ahead of time that you can walk to and take a few minutes to embrace that you just got married and be in that moment together will be a memory you will never forget.

3. Watch the sunset together

When it’s time for the sun to set taking a moment to sneak away from your reception, grab a drink and watch the sunset on your wedding night just the two of you will be dreamy. Don’t worry about your guests, they will be having plenty of fun eating, drinking, and dancing. Task someone in your wedding party or a close family or friend to be your sunset reminder and have them set an alarm to remind you to take that moment of calm together.

So how many would you include on your wedding day?

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