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5 Unique Non-Binary Wedding Party Gifts

When getting married and choosing your wedding party, you want to show your appreciation for those who are standing by your side on the most important day of your life by gifting them something nice. Here are some ideas for gender neutral gifts that your wedding party will love and use over and over again!

1. Custom glassware

Everyone loves having a good glass of wine or whisky and getting your wedding party custom glassware with their name for getting ready in the morning will not only be a great memory for the wedding day but will also be a great gift they will keep and reuse.

2. Stylish sunglasses

Not only can your wedding party channel their inner Blues Brothers on your wedding day for a few photos, but they will also appreciate the stylish thoughtful gift for years to come. You can even engrave your wedding date or a quote that represents your wedding party for an extra personal touch.

3. A weekender bag

Who doesn’t love a good piece of luggage? Get each person in your wedding party a weekender bag for your wedding weekend! You can even put a few extras inside to get them prepared and excited for the fun.

4. A game

If your wedding party loves having fun and letting loose you could get each person a different card/board game that represents them and what they love. Not only will it be a thoughtful gift but it will give your joyful group something fun to do the night before the wedding or even on your wedding morning. Think games like adults only cards against humanity, or maybe a backstreet boys board game to channel your inner 90’s kid.

5. A custom charcuterie board

Who is not obsessed with charcuterie boards? You could get them custom engraved with their names, a personal message/quote, or even a picture. These will surly be a hit!

Which ones will you be gifting?

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