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6 Things To Consider Before Booking Wedding Venue Tours

Being engaged and planning your wedding day is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. One of the first things you think about after getting engaged is the venue, and while your first instinct is to book tour after tour, there are 6 things we think every couple should consider before booking any venue tours.

1. Your Vision

Before anything, consider your vision for your wedding day. What style are you going for, what does the view look like, what is surrounding you, is it indoor or outdoor or maybe both?. Having a clear vision will help you narrow down the list of venues you want to tour.

2. Lock In A Minimum & Max Guests Count

One of the most disappointing things is finding a venue you love just to realize that either it can’t hold the number of guests you anticipate having or requires a minimum number of guests. Set your minimum and maximum guests count and reach out to the venues ahead of time before touring the venues you love to make sure their space can accommodate.

3. Set a budget within your wedding budget for the venue

Budgets are a wedding’s best friend! While you may already have a full wedding budget, setting aside a budget within your budget for the venue will be helpful before booking any tours. Make sure to ask for pricing to make sure it fits your budget before booking a tour.

4. Ask what vendors you a require to book off of their vendors list

The majority of wedding venues will require you to book certain vendors from their list. Make sure you know ahead of time which vendors you will be required to book from the list and ask for their list so you can decide if the vendors they require align with your wedding day vision.

5. Make sure they allow ample time for set up and breakdown

You want zero stress on your wedding day, so the last thing you want to do is only have a small window of time for set up and breakdown. Ask how much time they allow for each and decide ahead of touring the venue if that will work for your wedding day.

6. Ask if there is a backup plan for rain included in the venue rental

The last thing you want is to get rained out on your wedding day. Ask what rain backups are included in your venue rental rate and how they have executed this before. If they do not have a

rain backup included ask what tent companies they have worked with and decide if a tent rental as a rainy day backup is a good choice for your day.

So there you have it, 6 things to consider before booking wedding venue tours. Happy venue shopping!

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