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Some of our favorite trends for 2021 & 2022!

We always love hearing and seeing the new wedding trends each year has to offer couples madly in love! Here are our top 3 wedding trends for 2021 that we are just head over heels for!

1. Welcome Boxes

Seriously, this idea has to be one of the most unique, cute, and just downright smart things we have seen brought into weddings this year! With COVID-19 still posing a risk to weddings and the health of loved ones attending, this trend is sure to keep your family and friends feeling loved and protected knowing you care about their wellbeing.

These cute little welcome boxes are handed out to each guest upon their arrival and include things like hand sanitizer, mask with your wedding hashtag or last name, couples are even putting their programs and favors in this box for as few touch-points as possible. I mean, what a great way to kick off your wedding in a safe, fun, and personalized way!

2. Mismatched Seating

This is a trend that we have seen come and go year after year, but let us tell you, we think it is one here to stay and in an elevated way we have never seen! Not only are couples renting out mismatched furniture but they are taking it to a whole other level by thrifting, exploring Facebook market, and even DIY’ing pieces for their special day.

It’s an easy way to add a lot of charm and personality to your wedding day style!

3. Light & Airy Colors

With the heaviness that 2020 brought, we have noticed a trend of fresh and airy color palettes. You know, those colors that you just stare at, take a breath, and then say “yes, this is beautiful”.

While we still love a good dark and moody vibe, this breath of fresh air in colors is something we expect to stick to throughout 2021 and 2022!

Photo credits:

First photo- Natalie Thornley

Second photo- Emily Elizabeth Photography

Third photo- Kate & Calder Photography

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